Annie Haarmann is a born leader. She pursues her work and life with passion, sets the example for others and puts the success of the team ahead of personal accolades. Annie excels at bringing out the best in organizations and in people.

Mark Murphy

Director of Digital Media and Content Marketing, Reliv International

Some people ‘get through’ the work-week. Annie is tireless in her career. She sees an opportunity out of what most would gloss over. She has a keen sense for creative opportunities and enthusiasm to see them through.

Christine Klemp

Technical Account Manager, Business Analytics OEM/ASL, IBM

As someone who has an abundance of knowledge in the fields of marketing, public relations and writing, Annie’s expertise and guidance were much appreciated. It will be hard to find a boss that is as fun and knowledgeable as Annie!

Erin Willmann

Social Media Specialist, Pinnacle Entertainment

Professional, personable, dedicated, creative, energetic, easy-going, and talented! I was amazed by her ability to take a project from conception to completion with ease. Her personality is infectious and she loves what she does.

Pam Imboden

Communications Specialist